Professional Recruitment At Your Service

We know how hard it is to run your equestrian business and find the time to find the team members to make your stable run smooth.

That’s where we can step in and do the hard work for you.

We are a company with hands on mentality and have been active in the equestrian world for over ten years working. We understand what it takes to select the right people on the right places and have a great CV to back that up.

We offer you a full package in other to find the perfect team member.

Are you looking for a full time employee or a freelancer? Please start with filling up our intake form

4 steps for full time recruitment

This is how we work. 

Let us take you through easy 4 steps process of permanent recruitment, so you know, what you can expect from working with us.

First we will ask you to fill up our online recruitment form, about your job offer. Then we will have an online meeting with you, so you can specify your needs and the employee you are looking for.

Based on these informations we will start the search for your new team member. We are going to create a professional advertisement, run it through our company database and expose your offer at websites and social medias.

We will make a selection of candidates and introduce them to you. We always do a reference check and a first initial phone interview with the candidates of your choice before passing them to you, to make sure it is a 100% match

When you have picked one or more candidates, we give you a two-week trial. We think it is important to see if your new employee is everything you look for!


Answers to your questions about our services

Freelance up to one week: 175 EUR

Freelance up to 2 weeks: 250 EUR

Freelance up to 3 weeks: 350 EUR

Freelance 4 weeks plus: 500 EUR

Please note, that all prices are ex. VAT and are paid once per booked groom.

Permanent Recruitment fee Show groom/ Home manager: 700 EUR

Permanent Recruitment fee Home groom/ Home rider/ Stable stuff: 575 EUR

All prices are ex. VAT and are paid per groom.

For permanent recruitment service a down payment of 200 EUR starters fee is requested. This covers intake of your job offer, initial interview, professional advertisement displayed online and run compatibility check with our company database. 

By successful placement of a groom we will reduce the starters fee from the final bill. 

PRO Equestrians can not be hold responsible for any agreements about payment fo wages made by clients and future employees.

We give you the chance to have your new employee for two weeks on trial, before having to pay the final bill of finding fee.

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