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We understand the importance of matching the right person to the right job. That’s why we only work with the best!

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You would never trust your horse with just anyone. Neither do we. Stop looking for the right person and let us find them for you!

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We know the best stables out there. No more job hunting! We do not just find you a job, we find the perfect match.


Do you need an extra hand at shows or at home? We have the best professionals for your horses who quickly fill the gap in your team!

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We do background checks on both sides before connecting you to assure that it is the right fit.

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We will help you to look for the fastest and most efficient way of travel for freelancers.

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The full package provides to employees is completely free of charge! We guide you to the right path.

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Who are we and what are our goals? Meet our team…

PRO Equestrians is a professional equine recruitment agency, cofounded by Linda and Janaboth of whom have over a decade of experience in the horse industry.

Both have been active riders and grooms for many years. Four years ago, Linda established the successful agency Freelance Horse Grooms and, with the addition of Jana, the two have now come together to create PRO Equestrians.


We have been there,” they say.We have worked equestrian sport from many different angles and we believe that is our strength. We understand how its like to work in a busy stable or a big championships and thats why we know, how to select the perfect candidate for every job.

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