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Do you need an extra hand at your stable or shows? Someone is sick, you need an extra person for tour or just someone temporary before finding permanent solution? Our team is here to help you with that!

Work with trustworthy freelancers from PRO Equestrian team. Experienced and professional grooms ready to help you out.

Your freelance job offer advertised on our website and social media accounts. Benefit from full support service during the search and employment period of your freelance groom.

If you are in need of freelancer, please start with filling up our freelance job offer form.

PRO Equestrian freelance team

Are you a freelancer and you want to get the best offers first?

We are always on the look out for competent, talented and reliable people.

Is that you? Come and join us!!

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Private group to share the best job offers before they go online.

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Work with our best, long term clients.

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We will help you to plan your trip

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The full package provides to freelancers is free of charge!

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